Our job is to work on all aspects of a brand's identity. We work à la carte according to your needs. Our approach has 3 interdependent phases.



The creative strategy is the corner stone of all our projects, laying the foundations of the brand to establish durably. This expertise is essential to ensure the coherence and relevance of any brand.

The creative strategy is constructed methodically based on close observation and analysis of both the competition and the company itself, identifying the essence of what makes each of them unique. This allows us to draw the contours of a brand’s territory: its values, its positioning, its targets, its DNA…

We work on the creative brand strategy in interactive workshops with our clients. Their involvement at this essential first step provides valuable input, unites the teams and creates adherence to the project.


Once the creative strategy has been set, we conceptualize and formalize the visual identity. Our core expertise is to determine a set of visual, audio or digital attributes that identify a brand experience: logo, monogram, pictograms, accompanying typography, color range, etc.

It’s about giving your brand a unique identity that reflects its values, positioning, and promise. A strong visual identity survives decades by continuing to put people at the center of the brand experience.

03. Implementation

Following the creation of the brand DNA, we establish the communication charter across all media with coherence and consistency, reinforcing the message conveyed by the visual identity.

Implementation refers to the application of these visual identity guidelines on all the brand communication media: internal and external communication, signage, packaging, derivative products, digital media, website, and social networks.


You can either benefit from our full range of customized services or use you may want to one of our 4 Start&Co packages, which features a flat-rate starter pack specially design developed for startups.


Whether you are starting a project, or repositioning your company to conquer new markets, we provide in-depth, tailor-made expertise. Our strength is to support your long-term missions to guarantee the coherent development of your brand image.


Aimed at start-ups or a growing small business with inspiring projects: sustainable, innovative, and/or inclusive. We offer 4 different start-packs to launch your project with a strong and lasting visual identity that will help you convince and attract.

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