Double Ville



Double Ville is a 3D studio that creates virtual urban environments. The French start-up is renowned for its creative and disruptive solutions that anticipate the city by designing a real time web-app, an interactive 3D library of urban spaces with a multitude of applications for architects, town planners, administrators, developers, the construction industry, etc. The studio is responsible for creating the studio’s visual identity, “Double Ville” for its application “Simillar”.


The Double Ville studio is in a development phase and is looking to convince investors and new clients in its sector. So it’s important to create a graphic environment that helps them understand their mission and reassures their contacts.


Propose a visual identity that appeals to both the construction and tech industries: create a strong, recognisable, architectural and modular visual marker derived from the initials D and V that evokes the City. Choosing the highly geometric and structured Apparat typeface, whose rounded counter-forms evoke both architecture and digital, and whose unique inktrap details on the letters B and V evoke disruptive innovation.

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