Le Slip Français

Textile 100% Made In France


Setdesign/Styling: Karoline Bothorel
Photographer: Samuel Sarfati
Video: Maxime Azeggagh
Light design: Enzo Bernaert


A committed manufacturer in the textile industry, Le Slip Français offers underwear, especially for men. After 11 years in business, the brand is keen to consolidate its position on the French market. The studio is responsible for the artistic direction of its autumn campaign.


In 2023, proud of its convictions and its track record, LSF is reinventing itself and aiming to expand its target group of well-informed consumers.


To propose a sensitive and sincere artistic direction, which enhances the value of an imperfect, assumed man, by capturing the charm of an intimate gesture. Valuing. Our men, these everyday heroes for whom the impossible becomes possible, buoyed by the confidence their underwear instils in them.

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