Design studio,
specializing in effective design
for distinctive brand identities.

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Strong brand image drives growth. This key channel through which a company presents itself is a precious resource that cannot be dissociated from project development as it is an essential part of the DNA.

Today, the challenge is to create meaningful, memorable brands that have a real impact.

A brand needs to be seen, recognized by the target audience and resonate with their values.

In the age of ubiquitous digital, creative strategy, visual identity and design are essential pillars without which it is difficult to develop a brand and build brand experience.

Graphic design lays the foundations of brand image and accompanies it in by inspiring dreams and creating desire.

“The brand is the relationship between a target audience and a product, a service, an idea. It is a relationship based on both reason and emotion; the end goal is to add value”. Aneta Bogdan”




« Halley&Co has been instrumental to enhancing our performance and energizing the company to reach the next level »
Franck Charbonnier,
General Manager, Sedac Méral
« Halley&Co’s contribution to the development of our brand has been fundamental to us; graphically and artistically and strategically. »
Jérôme Bacquias,
Managing Director, Paper Republic
« Halley&Co provides a finesse and accuracy in the understanding of the brand, of its creativity, responsiveness. They incorporate a real emotional force into their work. »
Stéphanie Durroux,
Chairwoman & CEO of The Absolut Company at Pernod Ricard


  • Brand strategy
  • Workshops
  • Benchmark
  • Brand territory
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Moodboard
  • Brandbook
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Photography
  • Packaging
  • Wayfinding
  • Digital
  • Website Design
  • E-shop
  • Custom-made website
  • Wordpress, CMS
  • Brand content
  • Social media
  • Design
  • Styling
  • Merchandisings
  • Prototyping
  • Motion design
  • Sound design