Kessy Beldi

Recycled glass workshop in Marrakech




Valérie Barkowski


Kessy Beldi is a glass workshop located in Marrakech. The brand develops and creates hand-blown items from recycled glass.

As part of its development, Kessy Beldi wished to highlight its “handmade” identity, of ecological and uncompromising craftsmanship and to expand its glassware range by offering a new contemporary collection.


To create a new visual identity: reusing the original brand packaging. Creating a fresh, and colorful identity coherent with the product. The new glassware range: the calabash, took inspiration from Africa and respected the technical constraints of hand-blown glass. It included glasses, vases, carafes with curvaceous shapes that played with the imperfections of the manufacturing process.


Artistic co-direction: Valérie Barkowski, well-known Belgian designer based in Marrakech, provided valuable insight.

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