Mama Citrus

Maison de panettone


Mama Citrus is the story of the common passion of Raphael, a baker, and Thomas, a biologist, who together combined their know-how to make an exceptional Panettone. Mama Citrus wants to surprise and offer with her panettone, a fresh and generous pleasure that goes through the stimulation of all the senses. They imagine a new committed panettone sector.


With a sector traditionally attached to branding through a gift-oriented offer, pastry chefs understood very early on the importance of packaging and the status of their brand.
The studio was in charge of creating the visual identity and packaging for Mama Citrus, in order to stand out in a very competitive universe.


An enticing visual identity using the silhouette of the cake, a gourmet color palette reminiscent of candied fruit and an innovative all-paper packaging that allows you to carry your panettone with one hand.

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