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Géraldine Mahe
Karoline Bothorel


Noliju is a multi-sport women’s apparel retailer, designed for those leading a healthy lifestyle while balancing a busy life. Comfortable, quality, colorful, slow-fashion clothing.

In this highly competitive sector, the brand wished to review its strategy and position itself in a more unique and buoyant position.


To redefine the target. Women over forty who are surfing on “a new lease of life”. Seize the opportunity of a romantic region, the French Riviera, to firmly implant the brand in a this colorful and invigorating Mediterranean universe.

The new visual identity confirmed this new positioning, while affirming femininity in sport through a strong and round typography reflecting energy, tone, and performance.


Geraldine Mahe is a highly experienced trend forecaster, helped us improve the current collection and identify a new positioning for a greater differentiation. After benchmarking, she helped us take a different approach, providing a new look at the client.

Karoline Bothorel, an experienced fashion designer gave guidelines for future collections, in terms of colors, shapes, and materials for a dynamic tone.

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