Oudon basin's syndicate




The Syndicat du Bassin de l’Oudon is a mixed syndicate responsible for water development and management in the Loire region. Its dual vocation is to be a leading local player in the field of water resources and a national player recognized for its territorial actions.


In response to a call for tenders for a public contract (unsuccessful), the studio came up with a new visual identity for the Syndicat du Bassin de l’Oudon, embodying both the modernity of this local institution and its accessibility to the general public. The proposed identity is based on a scalable system that combines the Syndicat’s three distinct entities into a common identity: the Syndicat, the SAGE and the Commission Locale de l’Eau (CLE).


Represent a serious institutional figure and an accessible local figure. A logotype that embodies the territory through its singular geometric shape. A slightly arched typography, the choice of bright colors and the use of didactic pictograms that represent the aquatic environment and the syndicate’s accessibility on its territory.

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